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My Story:

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Rob Janné. I’m a Dutch married man with two children and in my early sixties. I have a fierce passion for photography. Especially wildlife and the beauty of nature itself have my attention. I gained this passion when I was still a teenager. Back then, in the early stages of my life, the ability to buy professional equipment was of course verry limited. In the mid twenties family life became a reality for me and together with a passion for building classical sailing boats there was not much time or finances left to pursue a hobby in photography. Now, with the sale of my last sail boat and children leaving there parental nest, I have the ability to pick up other hobbies again. In the mean time my daughter developed the same passion for photography as I did, years ago. And in some way, we returned to my old hobby, I once pursued longtime ago. Nowadays she lives in Austria, so I can't quite so much going photographing with her, as I want to.


Even though the digitization of photography cut down significantly the time on processing captured material into something as a frame able picture, photography still consumes a lot of time, especially with wildlife, where be patient is of the essence. Because of this and combined with my geological location, the Netherlands, I’m bound to make most of my photo’s in open-to-public but protected wildlife parks. Though the occasional holidays, to beautiful places, happens more and more.

Pictures taken by Aranka Janné

Of course, I would rather see nature and wildlife in its purest and most free form. However I do not have problems making these photo’s in said parks. 
As long as we, humans, have respect for nature and its wildlife and act accordingly. Giving them the space and peace they need. 
Why not capture the beauty it brings, even in said parks.

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